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Russia MITEX Exhibition

Russia MITEX Exhibition

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 Russia is the biggest country on all, about 141 million people live in Russia. The weather tends to be cold,with long winters and short summers. A great plain stretches over European Russia. Slow-moving rivers crisscross this plain,including the volga,the Daugava, the Don. Most Russians live in this part of the country. In the north,many swamps and lakes dot the plain. In the south,the rich soils make good farmland.


On November 9, 2018, the MITEX exhibition of Russia ended successfully in Moscow. Jiangsu Oliga Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,with the idea of learning from the world, participated the exhibition as a leader in the welding industry. OLIGA consolidated the existing cooperation relations, excavated a large number of potential customers, laid the foundation for the development market.


This exhibition lineup unprecedented expansion, not only corroborate the development of the hardware industry, but also show the vigorous development momentum of the welding industry. At the same time, the development of welding industry is quickly, the market competition situation is extremely fierce, in the market competition filled with smoke elimination occupy the initiative, find advantages, is the most important question that company must consider

The exhibition lasted for 4 days, Oliga booth attracted countless exhibitors , our professional staff were always been full of enthusiasm, chat with customers with patience, to show our product characteristics and advantages. Our customers and exhibitors have a certain understanding of our products, they all show strong cooperation intention.